“Bee created a food experience during my intensive. The work I lead is focussed and at times emotional, and Bee knew exactly how to weave her delicious food into that environment. She had a sense of when people were “tanking” and needed a little perking up. Bee not only picked up on the energy of the room but responded with ease and efficiency without distracting me or the participants. She presented the right food at the right time. 

I am so grateful for her expertise and grounded wisdom. She and her beautiful food elevated the entire experience. I would definitely work with Bee again in my future retreats and workshops.”

Erin Anderson

Live Big Co.

“Bee's food is more than delicious, it's truly an experience in itself. It is beautiful, delicious and healthy. Bee sets herself apart from others by sharing a wealth of knowledge about the benefits of each ingredient she uses and each dish she serves has a purpose. Her use of edible flowers in the majority of her dishes provides unique beauty and flavor to an already wonderful presentation. 

Bee's excitement for good food is infectious. All it takes is one glance and taste to share her excitement!”

Catrina Ballard

founder, Root and Restore Retreats 



“I have had the pleasure and honor of not only enjoying a myriad of Bee’s delicious creations, but also working closely with her at our events. When Bee is in charge of the event menu, we receive compliment after compliment from our guests about the bright, pure flavors and beautiful displays.

When Bee shares her menu with the event attendees, you can literally feel her joy of cooking for others. This excitement never fails to spill over to the guests involving them in a way no other catering company can. I know our guests will always be blown away - Bee takes our events to a whole new level!”



“My experience with Flora Cocina has always exceeded expectation! Whether it be savory or sweet, Bee delivers a beautiful presentation that will delight your senses!!”

Jeanne Jones




"Bee is magic!  I first had the pleasure of meeting her and tasting her food (and flowers!) at a weekend long workshop.  Not only was the food she prepared delicious, it was gorgeously decorated with edible flowers from her home garden and each dish seemed to be accompanied by a story that Bee was able to effortlessly recount about how she came about this dish or that flavor.  She truly enriched the experience of the whole weekend both in mind and body!"

lindsay pearce


“Bee doesn't just make food. She caters experiences. If there is one thing that never fails to elevate a gathering, it is food, but not just any food - High-quality, drool-worthy, nutrient-packed food. And, that is what Bee delivers - on-time with a presentation that could pass as fine art. I will always call Bee whenever I need food to nourish retreat-goers. It's a non-negotiable.”

Michelle Dean




“Bee has charm that is well translated in her food creations: completely lovely!  She handles food like an accomplished artist handles paint and palette.  It is always a wonderful time for guests when Ms. B is the caterer, it is insurance on a fantastic event.  She is the most warm, and engaging person that exudes excitement about food, edible flowers, and enjoying life.”   

Rhonda Lanclos